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On this site you will find all the school inspections reports carried out by SIS which we hope you will find informative and helpful, and give you all the information for which you are looking.

There is a separate page for each group of schools that SIS inspects. On these pages you may view the reports according to the academic year in which the inspections took place

'News' gives any recent changes to SIS, regarding inspection procedure and other relevant information

'Contact Us' tells you how you can find SIS and also how you can find the independent Complaints Adjudicator retained by SIS to investigate complaints. Please note however that the Complaints Adjudicator is not the first port of call for a complainant. The Adjudicator will not enter into a matter until the previous routes for complaints have been exhausted.

Contact Us

Here you can find contact points for both SIS itself, and the independent Complaints Adjudicator who will provide a definitive ruling on any complaints relating to inspections carried out by the School Inspection Service. You can find additional information about SIS on the DfE website, http://www.dfes.gov.uk or on the Ofsted website http://www.ofsted.gov.uk

You can contact us by email: enquiries@schoolinspectionservice.co.uk

If you wish to get in touch with the Independent Complaints Adjudicator, please contact us directly: enquiries@schoolinspectionservice.co.uk


Message from the Chief Inspector

SIS has a new framework for inspection from September 2015. It has been developed in consultation with inspectors and the associations of the schools we inspect. We are looking forward to trialling it throughout the autumn term, receiving feedback from schools and reviewing it in December. We welcome comments from all our schools, associations and inspectors. Schools will have less notice of inspection and therefore must keep their websites and self-evaluation forms up to date. To help with this we have developed a new instrument for school leaders to use called the ‘Self-Evaluation Tool’ (SET). The new SIS Handbook for inspection contains information about the conduct of the inspection and the grade descriptors which inspectors use to make judgements. Schools can use these also to guide their self-assessment. Compliance with the independent school standards remains one of the core purposes of inspection for the school’s continued registration. Compliance with these standards is woven into the new grade descriptors. From September inspections will start and finish at midday. The inspectors will be in school over a period of three days. They will make four key judgements:

They will also judge the overall effectiveness of EY provision in schools with children in the early years. Schools with registered settings will continue to receive a separate inspection and report, although SIS will continue to schedule this alongside the school inspection wherever possible. The framework for inspection of the early years has changedto reflectOfsted’s Common Inspection Framework. British schools overseas should note that we will be revising our BSO inspection framework to bring it into line with the new SIS framework for inspecting schools in England. However, we are awaiting information on revisions to the BSO standards before embarking on these changes.