The School Inspection Service is approved by the Secretary of State to inspect British schools overseas (BSO). Our inspections cover the standards for British schools overseas and are conducted according to the SIS approved BSO framework for inspection available on our website. If you represent a British school overseas and are interested in our inspection services, please contact us via so that we may discuss your inspection requirements with you.

For British schools in Spain we have a special arrangement with the National Association of British Schools in Spain (NABSS) which enables us to include in our inspection team one of the experienced inspectors from NABSS who has been trained by SIS to inspect British schools overseas. These inspectors are owners and/or current serving headteachers of British schools in Spain, and bring with them knowledge of the requirements for independent schools set out by the Spanish authorities. They are also fluent Spanish speakers. This is an efficient inspection system in which both Spanish and BSO standards can be covered.