Teacher and pupils

SIS re-approved for BSO: We are delighted to announce that the Department for Education has granted re-approval to the School Inspection Service to carry out inspections of British Schools Overseas (BSO) from September 2017 going forward. Official approval is necessary for independent inspectorates such as SIS to continue to inspect British schools across the globe. The process for gaining approval, or re-approval, is justifiably demanding and rigorous, thus BSOs inspected by SIS can continue to be reassured that the inspections we conduct and the reports we write are of the highest quality. British education is highly respected around the world and SIS is proud to play its part in raising the quality and standards in the British schools we inspect overseas. If you are a BSO and would like to know more about our services, please contact us.

Schools: Here at home, SIS sends best wishes for the term ahead to all our schools, along with many congratulations to the pupils who have achieved excellent results this summer and the teachers, school leaders and governors who have helped them to do so. We are now entering the third year of the current inspection framework and all SIS documents and policies have been reviewed and revised to check that they are still current and fit for purpose. The documents are published on this website and all carry the footer ‘for use from September 2017’. A reminder to schools that by using your password for the SIS site you will gain access to inspectors’ guidance, which may be helpful to you in preparing for inspection. If you have lost or forgotten your password please contact us.

Colleges: This term we will be completing the interim inspections for 2017 and inspectors will be contacting colleges throughout the autumn term to announce their arrival. A reminder for you that, following the very successful conference for colleges in London last year, another conference will take place this November in Manchester. Please contact us if you have not yet received your invitation.