Teacher and pupils

As we approach the summer all SIS inspectors send our very best wishes for the examination season to the staff and pupils in the schools we inspect both in England and overseas.

BSO: Shortly to be released on this website will be the new amended documents for conducting inspections of British Schools Overseas (BSO) from September 2017. These will contain the new self-evaluation tools for day and boarding schools and the amendments that have been made to the SIS BSO Handbook to take account of the changes made to the BSO standards for September. The new BSO standards are much closer to the ones in operation in independent schools in England and are available for you to view on our website. Please note: the new BSO standards come into force in September 2017, so the BSO standards on the DfE website (dated 2014) are still current until then, and the current BSO documents for schools and inspectors will remain on our website until the new standards come into force. The new documents are clearly labelled as such and are available to the schools that we are inspecting in autumn 2017 and spring 2018 so that they can complete the new self-evaluation tools. If you are a BSO school interested in our services, please contact us to request a costing or to book an inspection. We have had some excellent reviews from the schools we inspected in the spring term this year.

All SIS documents and policies have been reviewed recently to check that they are still current and fit for purpose. They are published on this website. The amended framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) came into force on 1 April 2017 and our documents have been amended to take account of the changes. The specific documents affected carry the footer ‘for use from April 2017’. All other documents retain the footer ‘for use from September 2016’. A reminder to schools that by using your password for the SIS site you will gain access to the guidance for inspectors, which may be helpful to you in preparing for inspection. If you have lost or forgotten your password please contact us.

Colleges: The programme of interim inspection visits is now underway and inspectors will be contacting you to announce their arrival. Following the very successful conference for colleges in London last year, we will be arranging another conference in September this year and will put the details of this on our website and write to all our current clients.